Aquatic Therapy

When it comes to therapy and exercise, water is magic.

Water’s natural properties—buoyancy, resistance and hydrostatic pressure—allow patients to achieve movements unattainable on dry land due to pain, weakness or the inability to bear weight. And water is why our low-impact, high-resistance pool treatment is such a success.

CORA’s aquatic therapy program simultaneously reduces the impact of stress on joints while providing 360° of resistance for all movements, boosting patients’ confidence and balance. We use water to protect soft tissue, rehabilitate spine and joint problems, manage inflammatory diseases and more.

Consistently set at a comfortable 94° F, our pools are fitted with sitting benches. Many are also equipped with safety steps or chair lifts. Some even boast modular underwater treadmills, including the state-of-the-art AquaCiser.

Expect individualized programs designed to get folks back on their feet faster. Patients leave educated and prepped with at-home exercises and strategies to reduce the chance of re-injury. The end goal is strength, stability and a return to regular life. Just like magic.

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