This past August 2018, Michelle Turner (CORA Palm Bay), Angel Sanchez (CORA Doral), Corey Zimmerman (CORA Tinseltown) and Carlos Forte Jr. (Regional Work Comp Specialist, Florida) had the opportunity of a lifetime to embark on an unforgettable service trip to the Fondation Hatienne de Rehabilitation, or FONHARE, Clinic in Haiti. Together they traveled nearly 700 miles to represent CORA by volunteering their time in support of the FONHARE mission which is:

To provide the most efficient services of Rehabilitation for a comprehensive care of people with Physical disabilities and intellectual disabilities. And to go forward with them into integration to be productive, to be for themselves, for their families and the society. The service is based on ethics, quality, innovation, suitable environment and updated personnel dedicated to service.

Their travels led them down a winding road complete with twists and turns, joys and struggles, and a gratifying yet humbling understanding of what it’s like to provide health care with limited funds and resources to people in need – the Haitian community. Check out some of the sights and sounds straight from our CORA crew as they take us behind the scenes into their “life-changing” journey and listen as they implore us all (whom are able) to take action!

Watch as Corey Zimmerman addresses the different barriers the CORA team faced including how they were able to form a common bond to better serve the patients of Haiti.

Listen to Carlos Forte Jr. speak humbled by the amazing work FONHARE is able to accomplish with such limited resources.

Thank you to Michelle, Angel, Corey, and Carlos for documenting their travels and treating everyone right in Haiti! You made us all proud by representing CORA as class-acts and serving the Haitian community with dignity and respect.

Looking for more? Check out our Facebook page for more photos from CORA Physical Therapy Serves Haiti!

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