PT Month @ CORA

Physical Therapy Day of Service (PTDOS)

Every day, CORA celebrates the proven impact physical therapy makes on the patients in our care. Every October, our employees take that celebration to the streets. PT Month @ CORA is our team’s opportunity to come together, give back and honor our strong, vibrant industry. We invite you to learn more about this year’s internal initiatives and their missions.

What is PTDOS?

Physical Therapy Day of Service (PTDOS) was founded in 2015 to unite our industry in acts of service and encourage us to become more engaged in our communities. Last year alone, PTDOS boasted 4,731 participants in 50 states and 55 countries with 26 sponsors offering the financial and human resources to make immediate and lasting change possible. This year, CORA is proud to be a Platinum sponsor, a true motivator to get out there and make a difference.

PTDOS at CORA Physical Therapy

How Can You Get Involved?

The official Worldwide PTDOS is Saturday, October 13ththough volunteer efforts can take any time within a week of that day. Participation for CORA employees is easy:

  1. Pledge at
  2. Identify a place to serve on your own or with other CORA peeps.
  3. Spread the word—tell your friends, tell your clinic, tell the guy at the grocery store (going social? Use #PTDOS #CORApt)
  4. Serve!

CORA Physical Therapy Celebrates PT Month 2018

MakeMe App

What we cannot easily do alone, we do in numbers. Thanks to the MakeMe app, the CORA team gets all the “push” we need to volunteer more, adventure more, eat healthier and, well, more! Participation in the four-week program is always voluntary and can help earn our employees extra PTO—the perfect incentive to be our best selves. (Special bonus? Doing good during PTDOS satisfies that week’s MakeMe “volunteer” activity. Extra PTO beckons!)

It’s easy to join.

  1. Add the MakeMe app to your mobile device.
  2. Hold yourself accountable by posting photos and location check-ins.
  3. Track your points on the MakerScore dashboard.
  4. “Bump” your fellow CORA teammates to show support.
  5. Track your current challenges.

Want some ideas? Watch!

Get ready. Get set. It’s almost time to go!

The countdown is on for October’s PT Month @ CORA 2018. Choose to show your support on your own or through either of this year’s CORA-supported initiatives. Click here to watch what your friends and colleagues are already pledging!

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