Open communication. Cutting-edge tools. Landmark processes that make your job easier.

CORA believes collaboration is simply the most cost- and time-effective way for all of us to get your patients back to life, faster.

Physicians prefer CORA.

  • Simple, transparent, advanced processes
  • More than 175+ conveniently located clinics
  • Competent, capable, highly trained team members
  • Consistent, effective experiences for all

Make a Referral

Scheduling patients. Obtaining authorizations. Communicating with your office about patients’ scheduling statuses. We do it well. We do it fast. Hence, CORA’s “Rapid Referral.”

Rapid Referral is a nuts-and-bolts, start-to-finish program. It’s how we receive referrals via phone, fax, website or email, ensure a complete patient evaluation is completed within 48 hours, enter admissions and forward authorizations. It’s how we make your work easier.

For worker’s comp cases, Rapid Referral is the eyes and ears for your patients’ case managers and adjusters, and is our greatest ally in ensuring a consistent, productive experience. You’ll be glad it’s in your corner.


To get your patients back on their feet (sometimes literally, sometimes figuratively), you need real-time, transparent access to our team’s patient assessments, monitoring, treatment adjustments and more. CORA’s eNotes, our digitally based EMR platform, puts all of it at your fingertips, securely and in real time.

eNotes is the closest thing to being with your patients without being with them. Documentation is recorded in real-time, notifications are automated and it makes it easier than ever to refer a patient to us. You can even review and sign evaluations and progress notes through eNotes, all while remaining HIPAA-compliant.

Simple. Thorough. Fast. Exactly how we all want the PT process to be.

eNotes at CORA Physical Therapy

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