The CORA Community is the most exciting, nurturing and supportive around. And that’s not lip service. At CORA, you’ll fly.

Make the decisions you want to make. Get into the community. Change lives. If outpatient rehab is your thing, there’s simply no better place to be.

Imagine being trusted by leadership to bring our entire organization to the next level. To be asked: what can you learn from us and what can we learn from you? Energy, excitement, enthusiasm and engagement—lots of places talk about community and growth and trust. At CORA we can back it up.

And we’re waiting for you.

Job Openings

Seek and ye shall find.

You may be looking for new employment close to home. Or in a neighborhood far, far away. Maybe your move is lateral. Or you’re ready to take on new challenges in a new role. No matter which position suits you, at CORA, they all come with the same thing: the freedom you need to perform your very best.

“Investing in our PTs is the single greatest thing we can do to better our employees, our company and every patient CORA touches.”
—Daphne Ardizon, Director of Clinical Outcomes

Technology & Treatment

Technologically human.

Sure, CORA boasts the greatest technology in the world. But it’s what we do with those advancements that make CORA a leader in our field. An example? Recognizing its potential, one of our PTs transformed a single AlterG (of which CORA boasts almost a dozen!) into the cornerstone of an evolutionary runners’ program, which he then employed with great success statewide. We rely on our employees’ creativity and ingenuity to push us all to the next level—to use technology for the maximum patient benefit. That’s what drives us. And that’s what will drive you.

Board Certification

This unique partnership pays for CORA’s PTs to further their careers.

Our partnership with Evidence in Motion (EIM)—the industry’s largest provider of education, research, resources and training for practicing rehab professionals—opens the door for all qualified CORA clinicians to increase their knowledge base and skill sets. On CORA’s dime. That’s right: post-professional certifications and residencies, as well as continuing education, in online, in-person, and blended classroom formats, are all covered by CORA. And our collaboration with EIM is reciprocal. CORA’s board-certified clinicians serve as mentors for program residents, ensuring a seamless experience between classroom learning and real-world application.

Employee Testimonials

Yes, you will love working here.

At CORA, employees are valued. Not only for what they know, but for their limitless learning potential. In fact, it’s common practice to promote from within our walls. And even more common for employees to stick around.

To prove to you how great it is to join the CORA Community, we asked Karen Gallignani to share her story. After 20 years on our team, you can imagine she had a lot to say.

“A few months after my husband got out of the police academy, he was hit by a drunk driver while on-duty. He needed physical therapy. The doctor at the hospital suggested Flamingo’s West Pines clinic and, over time, I got to know my husband’s case manager. When I told her I was looking for an office manager position, she mentioned me to her owner and I got the job!

When CORA bought Flamingo in ’98, I helped them create our Billing and Collections department. Then CORA added more clinics, which meant more billing. I started training new team members and doing payer set-ups. I started doing our audits, working with our IT department and managing contracts and claims. In the beginning, I didn’t even know what any of this was! We didn’t have electronic scheduling, “marketplaces,” or even dot matrix! CORA gave me the opportunity to learn and take on challenges. We may be getting larger and larger, but CORA knows how to balance our needs with our patients’. We remain a tightly knit group.

I’m proud to say that my husband is now a police captain. While I’ll never be happy he got hurt, I am thankful that good came out of the bad. It’s how my CORA story began.”

We can’t wait to hear what starts yours.

You only need one goal.

Jennifer Varas, a Senior Clinic Manager at our Broward facility in South Florida, shares a single focus with many of her CORA counterparts: to better themselves. As you’ll learn from her story, we take that mission very seriously.

“Whether personally, as a clinician or as a leader, I always seek out opportunities to grow. No place gives me the flexibility and opportunities to do so like CORA.

Here, my potential is celebrated. I started in 2010 as a PT. Then was promoted to Clinic Manager and later, Senior Clinic ManagerAnd I’m pushed to continue my education and mentorship capabilities. Once I earned my manual and Graston certifications, I was invited to mentor staff, students and volunteers at my clinic and others.

The energy at CORA is palpable. Consider our brand-new, East Pembroke Pines clinic. Most of our patients are orthopedic, but there’s also a mix of neurological and vestibular cases. I spend my days healing and problem-solving with OTs and CHTs, and get to work wonders with our Alter G Anti-Gravity treadmill—the only one at any CORA location in Broward.

Sometimes I think I’m a walking recruiting ad for CORA! If you’re a dynamic, hard-working and highly motivated PT who is committed to constant learning and mastery of treatment skills, we’re where it’s at. (Pembroke Pines is a fabulously located, rapidly-growing community with shopping, restaurants and tons of family activities!)

So my words of advice for aspiring CORA talent? Always strive to be more. CORA is where you can make it happen.”

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