There’s an inherent reciprocal relationship between partners. A give-and-take. A win-win.

Like you, we choose our partners carefully, ensuring that their values, philosophy and goals align with our culture. And that what we have to offer can truly better their entire organization. CORA’s developed many ways for others to leverage our leadership, one of which is sure to suit you.

We Affiliate

Our experience can expand yours.

When our affiliate partners started out, they were passionate about patient care. Their mission was to establish trusted relationships with patients and physicians alike by offering a personal, customizable, effective experience. And they did it. But while the wins were sweeter than their wildest dreams, the challenges of being a small business owner are relentless. The healthcare climate is tough. From competition to regulation, Medicare to compliance, their passions were drowned out by the realities of shrinking margins and growing costs. At CORA, we want these neighborhood mainstays to grow, thrive and continue to make a difference in their communities. So these owners choose to become CORA affiliates, ensuring their legacies and renewing their ability to focus on clinical work and business development—not operation management, ever-changing Federal and state rules, team training, legal counsel and more. It’s how to help them protect what they’ve built. Achieve what they’ve always wanted. And continue to grow, with passion.

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We Manage

Focus on the good stuff.

Sometimes a great manager is all you really need. CORA is built to develop and manage every aspect of a physician-owned therapy practice. Trust us for PT, OT and front-desk staffing. Our caseload management processes are efficient and seamless. We’ll help you recruit, manage and develop the greatest talent in the area. We track patient satisfaction, offer employee continuing education—in short: you can make every process, platform, team and technology on this website your own, without giving up control of the business you love. The facilities we manage enjoy increased profitability and optimized patient outcomes. They eliminate much of the risk associated with company management. Some have expanded their footprint, others have bolstered internal culture for increased retention. So if you’re considering passing the management baton, consider CORA. We offer everything you want to satisfy everything you need.

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We’re On-site

Bringing CORA in means fewer employees out.

Imagine any line of work that involves a significantly high level of manual labor. Manufacturing. Construction. Hotels. Even cruise lines face skyrocketing costs associated with work comp claims, from medical bills to lost productivity to the real, emotional toll on injured employees. Now imagine how much these organizations would benefit from avoiding or properly managing injuries in the first place. Healthier, safer work sites. Fewer resources put toward handling claims. Stronger bottom lines. This was the impetus behind CORA’s revolutionary employer on-site program. More and more, proactive businesses are recognizing the value of bringing CORA to their campuses. Our clinicians are trained to assess and treat work-related injuries non-invasively, for less money and less time away than emergency rooms or specialist offices. Even companies with in-house doctors appreciate the cost savings when an employee starts with CORA therapy first—we help avoid the consequences that arise from erroneously identifying a recordable claim. Even better: we remain steadfastly committed to preventing injury from happening at all. Our job analyses ensure employees are fit for their jobs; our wellness programs ensure that they stay that way. In short, our employer on-site partnerships encompass an incredibly comprehensive package of strategic programming, expertly developed and seamlessly executed. This is a more positive, productive work comp experience. We’re ready to make it a reality for you.

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