Workers’ Compensation

WorkTracks—the heart of CORA’s workers’ compensation program—is why we’re better at understanding, motivating, healing and protecting patients. It’s a program that streamlines recovery and costs.

Our therapists focus on prevention and return-to-work, integrating treatment to align seamlessly with employers’ return-to-work plans and emphasizing the performance of essential job demands. Best of all, we include the patient in the recovery plan design. Because we’ve proven that the best way to motivate patients is to get them involved.

Health is comprehensive. It’s not just about injury and illness. It’s about quality of life, and a feeling of safety and security for every patient. Thanks to WorkTracks, CORA can guarantee:

  • Appointments scheduled within 24 hours—typically within one hour
  • Evaluation reports made accessible within 24 hours of appointment
  • Progress reports based on standardized, objective benchmarks, completed every two weeks—sometimes more often!

When Can You Use WorkTracks?


Early intervention tools minimize employers’ risk of encountering a work comp case.

  • Job Site Analysis (JSA)—on-site evaluation assesses the work site and work requirements and to provide a standardized identification of a job’s specific functional demands
  • Essential Task Description (ETD)—traditionally referred to as a “job description,” CORA’s ETDs are ADA-compliant, based on objective information and fuel improved therapy treatment protocols
  • Post-Offer Employment Testing (POET)—CORA’s evidence-based, proven POET results in less lost time, increased worker productivity, decreased turnover and a greater likelihood that the right person will be matched with the job.
At Work

Wellness endeavors result in fewer claims, faster closed claims, a lower injury rate, a lower user error rate, reduced absenteeism and increased employee engagement, satisfaction and adherence.

  • Education—injury and illness prevention and rehabilitation techniques increase employees’ knowledge and problem-solving skills
  • Job Site Analysis—a direct, OSHA-friendly approach that prevents injury by identifying hazards and appropriate task modifications
  • Ergonomic Assessment & Interventionaccurate evaluation of work sites and tasks to lower the risk of injury
  • Early Symptom Intervention—biometric screening and health-risk assessments establish baselines and identify employees at risk of injury or illness.

CORA’s treatment plans are safe, effective, seamless and comprehensive.

  • Physical & Occupational Therapy—focused on increasing strength, decreasing pain and symptoms, restoring job-specific abilities and promoting a safe return-to-work
  • Work-specific Physical Conditioning—supervised program that restores systematic neurological, musculoskeletal and aerobic condition through exercises and activities that simulate or include actual job functions
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)—uniquely thorough and accurate, this measures an individual’s physical demand capacity, ability to perform essential job tasks, and sincerity and reliability of effort
  • Fit-for-Duty Screen—determines employees’ readiness to return-to-work after injury treatment
  • Transitional Work Program—everyone benefits when we precisely match an employee’s current abilities with temporary work or modified job functions
  • Disability Accommodations—identification of reasonable accommodations for injured workers with temporary or permanent disabilities
  • On-site Rehabilitation—athletic trainers can partner with physicians to treat work-related and non work-related injuries on-site. No copays, no healthcare costs and no wages lost!

What Makes Up WorkTracks?

Rapid Referral

The smartest referral system on the planet.

Our Rapid Referral Center® is a HIPAA-compliant, one-stop resource center for prompt and immediate scheduling of workers’ compensation referrals. But that’s not all. It’s how we obtain authorizations, communicate with physicians’ offices about scheduling statuses and so much more. As soon as we receive a referral via phone (or fax, website or email), rest assured that a complete patient evaluation will be completed within 48 hours. Our aim is to make everyone’s job easier, from the physicians to the payers to the patients themselves!

Peer Review

The peers you want in your corner.

We were not the first to create the peer review, which provides unbiased clinical perspective on clinical plateaus, compliance challenges and discharge planning. But CORA is the first to do peer review on ourselves—for every single case. And that fact alone yields unprecedented benefits for 100% of our work comp patients. CORA’s peer review, based on best clinical practices and leading industry benchmarks, provides the fastest identification and resolution of at-risk cases, prospective, concurrent or retrospective. Decisions based on our reviews are informed, strategic and useful—and unusually swift, since CORA’s experts notify our therapists directly and immediately via an instant message within our EMR. The process is interactive and seamless. Clinicians are automatically prompted to match their patients’ progress against accepted benchmarks, including the Official Disability Guidelines (ODG), ensuring a level of consistency not always achievable from a third-party review. By taking control of the peer review process, we offer a refreshingly proactive view of progress and a supremely elevated level of service.

Functional Capacity Evaluations

When you test, test right.

CORA’s WorkTracks Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is a nationally recognized testing protocol used to assess a patient’s ability to perform meaningful tasks. Our safe, consistent FCE is proven to identify if an employee is ready to return to work after an injury, as well as determine if functional limitations still exist after reasonable accommodations are made. It can even help patients who rightfully deserve disability—they may qualify for benefits if the FCE provides findings to support their applications. So how does it work? First, the patient participates in an intake screening session, a musculoskeletal screen, sincerity of effort testing, non-material and material handling tolerances and endurance testing. We then compare the FCE’s results with actual job requirements, allowing us to accurately identify an employee’s capabilities and instilling confidence in return-to-work decisions.


Intelligent treatment starts with intelligent technology.

To serve well, physicians and case managers need immediate, transparent access to their patients’ assessments, monitoring, treatment adjustments and recorded data that fuels continuous process improvement. eNotes, technologically advanced, digitally based and HIPAA-compliant, is a fast and simple client portal to this documentation—in real-time. It monitors benchmarks automatically, ensuring that plan adjustments remain timely and compliant. It is truly the system that our industry never knew it needed but will now not know how to work without.

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