Neurological Rehabilitation

The list of neurological injuries, diseases and disorders we relieve is extensive and serves as a testament to our commitment to the body and mind’s greatest challenges.

The short list?

Spinal cord injuries and injuries related to stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Neck and back pain. Peripheral nerve disorders. Vestibular and balance disorders. Carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel. Multiple sclerosis. Even Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. From CVA to ALS, at CORA, patients receive the skilled care they deserve in an environment mindfully designed to ease symptoms and foster a better quality of life.

Our strengthening programs are tailored, each graded to specific needs. We focus on simplification training, fine motor and dexterity, gross motor and coordination, sensory stimulation and retraining and, when needed, training in the use of neuromuscular stimulators.

And at the cornerstone of our practice is education. Not just that possessed by our highly trained team of therapists and clinicians. But the instruction patients receive. When we help increase confidence in the use of our adaptive equipment and techniques, we increase our patients’ functional independence. So at home, patients can continue their rehabilitation for a faster, more effective result that truly changes their lives.

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