At CORA, nothing is run-of-the-mill. Not even our treadmills. Just ask us about our AlterGs.

An AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill is like no other. It uses anti-gravity technology to reduce a patient’s weight up to 80%. What does that mean? Patients can enhance their rehabilitation and fitness in ways unachievable on a regular treadmill because it’s as if their bodies weigh up to 80% less than they actually do.

Runners love the AlterG for speed and low-impact training, even when injured. For a patient who needs balance training (say, after suffering a stroke) the AlterG is ideal. For weight loss before surgery or otherwise, the AlterG reduces impact on joints, increases tolerance to exercise and builds endurance. And after surgery, the AlterG speeds recovery and provides superlative walking assistance via built-in safety features that reduce the chance of injury.

Un-weighted rehabilitation treadmill technology? This is advanced science. Ask us how we can help you use the AlterG to your best advantage today.

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