Fall Prevention & Balance Training

Sadly, more than half of all accidental deaths among the elderly are due to falls.

This year alone, 35% of people over the age of 65 will fall. Fifty percent of people over the age of 85 will fall.

And yet, age is not a predictor for falls. What is? Conditions such as dizziness and disequilibrium—symptoms that seniors tend to experience more frequently than other age groups. CORA’s balance training tackles these conditions, giving our seniors a safer, healthier quality of life.

Our licensed therapists are experts in treating most types of balance disorders. Skillfully employing tailored balance-retraining exercises, gait training, safety training, vestibular adaption exercises and muscle strengthening, we are making a difference for some of the 90 million Americans who’ve experienced a balance disorder. Even better, we’re changing the world for those who have not.

That’s because our real focus is fall prevention. Participating in a CORA comprehensive evaluation, and subsequent balance training, has the potential to prevent an astounding 30-40% of all falls. Imagine living without the fear of an accidental fall. Protecting life can be simple, painless and is covered by Medicare and most insurances.

We tackle vertigo, imbalance, even movement coordination challenges, to achieve the steady, healthy lives our seniors deserve.

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