Senior Services

At CORA, we remember that age is but a number. And healthy can last a lifetime.

And the best way to achieve that mindset is by treating the senior body with respect, understanding its unique needs and creating comprehensive care programs that support the healthiest, most active quality of life possible.

Seniors love CORA’s Senior Care Program. We address their complex combination of health issues with a preventative frame of mind, managing edema, soreness, stiffness and general weaknessbeforethey cause falls and other more dangerous situations.

This is called functional independence, and we achieve it with physical and occupational therapy, reconditioning exercises, vestibular rehabilitation, balance training, gait training and fitness programs, preventing and treating orthopedic disorders, stroke/CVA, arthritis, osteoporosis and so much more.

We work seamlessly with Medicare and most private health insurances, providing an unparalleled outpatient experience that marries state-of-the-art evaluation, education, rehab treatments and advanced modalities. What’s more, treatment doesn’t end when therapy does. The CORA team can design a highly individualized, post-therapyfitness programto keep the momentum and achievements coming.

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